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Welcome to Keurbos


Situated on an apple farm in Elgin,  Jessie has built  an indigenous garden - loved and enjoyed by people, birds (and dogs) alike. Feel free to visit anytime during nursery hours or phone to stay over for a weekend.

Jessie's garden can also be visited during Elgin Open Garden week once a year in spring.





Jessie is an avid bird lover and photographer . She has built bird hides on her farm which can be visited by guests and also takes on injured birds to rehabilitate them back to nature.

Bird Photography

Jessie has built up a vast collection of photographs illustrating the life and sectrets of South African bird species specialising in the Overberg and Cape region up to the West Coast.

Bird Rehabilitation

One of Jessie's passions is caring for injured or baby birds. She has a track record of rearing rare species back to health and asisting them in the process of being able to survive back in the wild.

Jessie Walton_web.jpg

I would love to hear from you !

come  visit the nursery - order or buy rare plants - book my services - stay over - or phone for a chat !

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